General Machinery Entrapment Rescue
General Machinery Entrapment Rescue


General Machinery
(Entrapment Rescue)

Program Objectives:

To provide information regarding suitable entrapment rescue equipment and methods of rescue through theory and practical training.

To provide a guideline for developing entrapment rescue procedures for individual machines.

Program Content:

- Legal requirements and the CSA standard (Z432-04)
- Reducing the risk of entrapment through guarding and lockout
- Discussion of who is needed on the rescue team
- Necessary rescue equipment and the rescue storage box
- Overriding guards and controls that may delay a rescue
- Importance of blocking the danger area and ram drifting on hydraulic machines
- Proper use of jacks
- First aid requirements
- Sample entrapment rescue procedures
- Requirements for notification and disturbance of the accident scene
- Actual simulation of an entrapment on the shop floor.

Suggested Participants:

Machine operators, millwrights, electricians, first aiders, supervisors, group leaders, and health & safety committee members.

Program Duration: 1/2 day (maximum group size is 20)



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