Light Crane, Sling & Hoist Train The Trainer
Light Crane, Sling & Hoist Train The Trainer


Light Crane, Sling & Hoist
Train The Trainer

Light Crane, Sling & Hoist  


Program Description:

The Light Crane & Hoist Operator Train-the-Trainer course consists of a classroom training session (including individual participant presentations) and a practical training session.  All participants must pass both sessions to be certified.  Successful participants receive a both a full size certificate and a wallet certificate of achievement.

Program Training Objectives:
The objective is to provide trainers and with the skills, knowledge, teaching skills, and training materials necessary to train other members of the workforce to operate Industrial cranes in a safe and efficient manner.

Program Content:

  • Feeling comfortable in front of a group
  • Effective speaking techniques
  • Effective body language
  • Tips for conducting an effective safety course
  • Principles of good communication
  • Learning the light crane & hoist operator course content including:
    -Review of the Occupational Health and Safety Act and the legal requirement for using a crane or hoist including:
  • Responsibilities of the owner, supervisor and worker
  • Consequences of improper use of a crane
  • The lifting capacity of cranes
  • Crane load limits
  • Using different kinds of slings, rigging methods, and the effect of  sling angle
  • Safe lifting practices (lifting, moving, and placing loads)
  • Maintaining a safe distance
  • Proper use of controls
  •  Understanding lifting attachments
  • Pre-shift checks of the crane
  • Administering theory and practical tests

Program Duration:
One day (seven hours) of theory training (including practice presentations) and practical evaluation with a maximum group size of 3 participants.





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