Punch Presses - Management Overview
Punch Presses - Management Overview


Punch Presses Management Overview


Program Objectives:

Provide an understanding of legal requirements (Occupational Health & Safety Act and Canadian Standards Association guidelines (Z1422) for a metal stamping facility.

Provide basic information of machinery functions and requirements


Program Content:

  • Legal requirements of Occupational Health and Safety Act and regulations
  • Key points of the Canadian Standards Association Code for Power Press Operation: Health, Safety, and Guarding Requirements
  • Parts of the press (hydraulic and mechanical presses)
  • How the press functions and what is required
  • Employer responsibilities
  • Lockout requirements
  • Entrapment rescue requirements
  • Guarding requirements
  • Training requirements

Suggested Participants:

Press shop managers, supervisors, engineers, and health & safety committee members.

Program Duration: 4 hours (maximum group size is 20)





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