Light Crane, Sling & Hoist Certification
Light Crane, Sling & Hoist Certification


Light Crane, Sling & Hoist Certification

Light Crane Sling Operator

The light crane & hoist operator training certification program is designed primarily for workers who operate jib cranes and/or work station cranes and hoists.  The course consists of a classroom training session and a practical training session.  All participants must pass both sessions to be certified.  Successful participants receive a wallet certificate of achievement.

The use of pictures in the powerpoint presentation and testing procedure is designed to break through literacy and/or language barriers while, at the same time provide the customer with actual test questions and participant answers. This due diligence measure helps prove appropriate and necessary questions were asked and answered. The program provides participants with a good understanding of the safe and efficient operation of light cranes & hoists in industry.

Program Crane Operator Training Objectives:

Program Content:

Suggested Participants:
Work station crane/hoist operators, supervisors, group leaders, and health & safety committee members

Program Duration:
2 ½ hours of group theory training (up to 20 participants) and 1 ½ hours of practical training in groups of 6 (maximum)

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Frequently Asked Questions:
Light Crane & Hoist Certification

Who conducts light crane & hoist training?
Our instructors have many years of crane operating expertise. They not only understand the requirements of current legislation but understand the everyday issues and concerns of crane operators.  Their focus is doing everything they possibly can to prevent crane-related accidents at your facilities.

Where does the training take place?
We will conduct crane training anywhere in North America.  It is advisable that crane operators be trained on the cranes they will be assigned to use.  Use of cranes with different capacities, different attachments, different maneuverability etc. does little to ensure safe use of the cranes at your plants.  Practical testing is based of the conditions at your plants and the functions performed at your plants.

How often do light crane & hoist operators have to train in Canada?
The Occupational Health and Safety Act requires those operating lifting devices such as a crane to be competent.  No current CSA Standard currently exists for cranes to suggest a frequency of training.

Many companies use the three year period for re-training as specified in the CSA Standard B335-04 Safety Standard for Lift Trucks since a crane is also a lifting device.  The responsibility of the user (company) is to show due diligence (OHSA).  It also makes sense to conduct upgrade training for operators when new equipment or modified equipment is introduced, operating conditions alter, applicable legislation is changed, or knowledge deficiencies have been identified





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